Yeezy Foam Runner FAQ

How do Yeezy Foam Runners fit?

Unlike the Yeezy Slide and Yeezy 350, the Yeezy Foam Runner fits true to size.

Are Yeezy Foam Runners comfortable?

Extremely! The Yeezy Foam Runner is soft, breathable and well cushioned for maximum comfort.

What are Yeezy Foam Runners made of?

The Yeezy Foam Runner is made from an EVA and algae foam construction.

Can Yeezy Foam Runners crease?

Yes, Yeezy Foam Runners will crease in time from casual wear.

Who designed the Yeezy Foam Runner?

The Yeezy Foam Runner was made by Adidas which collaborated on the design with Kanye West.

How to style the Yeezy Foam Runner?

There’s a variety of ways to style your Yeezy Foam Runners. Whether it’s the Yeezy Foam Runner Onyx, Yeezy Foam Runner MX Cinder or Yeezy Foam Runner Clay Taupe, every colour has endless options available.

Casual - Keeping your outfit relaxed with a matching coloured sweatsuit will help your sneakers to stand out in the crowd whilst wearing your Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners. 

Street style - Blend in with street fashion in a pair of cargo pants or slightly oversized jeans, paired with a contrasting blank t-shirt, hoodie and jacket to make your Foam Runner Yeezy pop.

Gym Wear - Workout gear is an active look that anyone can match with the sought after sneakers. If you’re a fitness fanatic especially, the Yeezy Foam Runners are great to throw on and off whilst in the gym. Choose from a wide variety of colours available to match your activewear.

Where to buy Yeezy Foam Runners in Australia?

For authentic Yeezy Foam Runners in Australia, look no further than au.sell store.

What are Yeezy Foam Runners?

The unique design of the Yeezy Foam Runner, also known as the Yeezy Foam RNNR is growing in popularity daily, becoming one of the most commonly worn slide on sneakers. Foam Runners have been spotted being sported by celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner as well as Brooklyn Artist Jay Z.

Switching from Adidas’s well-loved boost material featured on the Yeezy 350, the light-weight Foam Runner sneakers are formed by an EVA and algae construction. Along with a weightless make and feel, they’re breathable as well as well cushioned to wear comfortably throughout the day both with or without socks.

Nicknamed the “Yeezy Croc", it has a similar structure and a resemblance to the foam clog shoes. No shoelaces come with, or are needed for, the well-fitted Yeezy runners as the mould forms around your foot's shape the more you wear them.

Debuted in 2020, the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner has gone up astonishingly in price from the initial release. Ranging today in multiple new colourways, the Yeezy Foam Runner Price starts from $280 AUD and goes upwards to $430 AUD depending on the colour selected. For the lowest-priced options, checkout the latest Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner  “MX Cinder” and “Clay Taupe”. Exclusive releases such as the Yeezy Foam Runner “Onyx” is one of the most sought after, desired but on the more luxurious side from the Yeezy Foam Runner collection available.

From the Yeezy range, there’s several different styles to choose with similar aspects. The Foam Runner comes close in relation to the Yeezy Slide with their slip-on styles.

Should I pick Yeezy Slides or Foam Runners?

These two pairs each have their own individual benefits, coming jam packed with features that ensure comfort as well as durability.

If you’re looking for a pair to wear to the shops as well as to a night out, the Yeezy Foam Runner on feet is a secure fitting, suitable option that comes in a variety of colours. Unlike the Yeezy Foam Runners, the slides may not be appropriate for all situations and locations. If you’re looking to purchase the adidas Yeezy Foam Runners in Australia, make sure to act fast as stock will not last. 

Be mindful to take into account that the Yeezy Foam Runners fit true to size, whilst the Yeezy Slides run small.

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