New Balance 550 FAQ

Are New Balance 550 unisex?

Yes, New Balance 550’s are available in both Men and Women sizing.

Will New Balance 550 come back in stock?

Certain colourways and collaborations have no scheduled restock for the limited New Balance 500 sneakers. If there’s a particular pair  you’re after, don’t hesitate as stock won’t last.

Are New Balance 550s comfortable for walking?

All New Balance 550 feature an ortholite insole which adds an extra layer of comfort to the shoe when walking. Style whilst being comfortable is one perk of the popular model.

Is The New Balance 550 a running shoe?

We recommend wearing 550’s for casual use such as day to day activity.

Do New Balance 550s have arch support?

Yes, all NB 550's have an Ortholite insole which adds additional arch support.


Should I size up or down for New Balance 550?

New Balance 550’s are a true to size fit, we recommend you stick to your comfortable size.

How do New Balance 550 fit compared to Nike?

New Balance 550’s and Nike both fit true to size, we recommend purchasing the same size between the two brands.

How do New Balance 550s fit?

The New Balance 550 fits true to size in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.

History of the New Balance 550

When did the New Balance 550 originally release?

The model first released In 1989 and has returned in late 2020. The silhouette is without a doubt the brands most popular.

How did the New Balance 550 become popular?

The sneakers have become so popular as they are today for numerous reasons.

Starting with a list of collaborations with trending brands to modern day artists wearing the model, the vintage 80s basketball shoe is now trending in the fashion scene.

Wondering which brands New Balance has collaborated with on the 550 model?

Here's a list of just a few.

- Aime Leon Dore

- Comme des Garcons Homme

- size?

More about the NB 550

It's the go-to everyday shoe, there's a reason why some of the biggest names in Hollywood have been spotted sporting them.

Brought into the fashion industry with a vintage look, designer companies such as Comme Des Garçons, Aime Leon Dore and Joe Fresh Goods collaborate on the model. They're not slowing down anytime soon with more collaborations to come this year.

Available in Men's and Women's sizing, choose from a variety of colours to ensure you find the perfect pair to match your aesthetic.

550's are the perfect classic shoe to elevate your look, there's a colour for any outfit no matter the occasion The most sought after NB550's are the Green, White and UNC colourways in Australia.

If you're looking for a neutral colour, we'd recommend checking out the New Balance 550 Silver Birch, Cream or Black and White.

Alongside the 550s, the New Balance 2002R is one of the most popular models. Featuring the protection pack, collaborations with Joe Freshgoods and worn by several celebrities.