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Are Nike Dunks Comfortable?

Yes they are! Stylish and on-trend, the Nike Dunk is one of the best sneakers for everyday wear.

Do Nike Dunk Lows run big or small?

Nike Dunk Lows fit true to size.

Are Nike Dunk Lows unisex?

Yes. The Nike Dunk Low is for both Men and Women, as well as being available in preschool and toddler sizing.

About Nike Dunk Lows

What are Nike Dunks?     

An essential sneaker for your wardrobe. The Nike Dunk is one of our best-selling sneakers, with a wide variety of styles, colours and models. Choose from the Iconic Nike Dunk Low and the Classic Nike Dunk High to match any occasion. Originally released in 1985, the OG Nike Dunks are still one of Nike’s most popular sneakers.

Why are Nike Dunk Lows so rare?

Nike Dunk Lows are so rare as they are in so much demand due to the hype, great collaborations and the fact that barely any stores stock them, making it harder to get your hands on a pair of Nike Dunk Lows.

Is Nike still making Dunks?

Yes, Nike is still making Dunks. Colours such as the Panda, Grey Fog and Two Tone Grey are some of the most popular releases.

What is the most popular Nike Dunk Low colour?

The Nike Dunk Low Panda / White Black-without a double is the most popular Nike Dunk Low colour.

Are Nike Dunk Lows Jordan?

Nike Dunk Lows are not Jordans but have a very similar look to the low-cut Jordan 1.

The Jordan 1 Low has a larger, squarer outsole whilst the Nike Dunk Low has a slimmer, less detailed appearance.

The Nike Dunk Low features the same detailing from the first release in the 1980s with the Nike logo stitched on the sneakers tongue.

It features a wider toe-box in comparison to the Jordan 1 Low, making the Nike Dunks an easier, more comfortable sneaker for day-to-day wear.

When did Nike Dunk Lows come out?

Originally released in 1985, the OG Nike Dunks are still one of Nike’s most popular sneakers.

An essential sneaker for your wardrobe. The Nike Dunk is one of 2023’s best-selling sneakers, with a wide variety of styles, colours and models to come.

What is the difference between normal Nike Dunks and Nike SB Dunks?

Very similar to the Nike Dunk. The Nike SB Dunk is a Nike Skateboard Shoe, featured a padded tongue that supports your foot whilst skating, as well as your everyday. Another difference in comparison to the Nike Dunk is that the Nike SB Dunk has the Zoom Air Unit - featured inside the sockliner.

Are Dunks better high or low?

There is no better option between the Nike Dunk High and Nike Dunk Low, so it's more a personal preference.

How to wear Nike Dunk Lows?

It's safe to say Nike Dunk Lows suit every outfit. We've put together a list of stylish ways to flex your Nike Dunk Lows.


  • For a comfy, casual and relaxed look, this is the look for you. Mainly in the winter, a tracksuit combo such as the Fear of God Essentials gear matches with each and every Nike Dunk.

Cargo Pants

  • Cargo pants are the perfect alternative if you don't want to wear a tracksuit with your Dunks. The loose-fitting trousers range in a variety of colours to match you Nike Dunk Lows. Throw them on with a basic white shirt, graphic or old-school t-shirt.


  • You can never go wrong with denim. Pair your jeans with a pair of limited-edition Dunks, such as the popular Nike Dunk Low Grey Fog, Nike Dunk Low Panda or Nike Dunk Low Beige.

Did you know the Nike Dunk Low released back in 1985?

Originally released back in 1985 with the Nike Dunk High silhouette, it was designed as a basketball shoe to match the colours of college teams, Kentucky, Georgetown, UNLV, Syracuse, St. John’s, the University of Michigan and IOWA’s uniforms. Worn by both the college players and supporters, Nike gave this release the slogan “Be True To Your School” to promote the sneakers. As years went on, Nike came out with a low top version of the Nike Dunk, in matching colourways to the previously released BTTYS collection.

Why choose the Nike Dunk Low?

If you’re searching for a casual pair of Nike Dunks, the popular two tone coloured Nike Dunk Low White Black Panda is the perfect sneaker to match every outfit, available in both the Nike Dunk Low and Nike Dunk High silhouette as well as in Men’s and Women’s sizing.

For the collectors, sneakerheads and skateboarders, the limited edition Nike SB Dunk Low could be the go-to option for you. Colourways such as the Fly Streetwear Gardenia, White Gum and Black Gum are just some of the highly sought after Nike SB Dunk Lows on the market in Australia.

As well as style, the Nike Dunk Low sneakers are a comfortable pair for everyday. Featuring all different sorts of creative colours and fabrics from leather to suede and even reused materials. Their environmentally friendly “Next Nature” collection comes with a variety of differences, presenting the Panda, White Mint, Lilac, Sail, Pale Coral and Curry colorways, all at least 20% recycled.

Where to buy Nike Dunk Low in Australia?

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Debating authenticity isn’t a second thought when you’re purchasing Dunks with us, our team specialises in authentication to ensure your pair is thoroughly checked to provide verified, genuine and authentic sneakers within Australia.

Checkout our huge range of Nike Dunks in unisex sizing, with all of your favourite colours available within a few clicks, your new pair of authentic Nike SB Dunk Lows, Nike Dunk Lows or Nike Dunk Highs will be on your feet in no time.