How do Yeezy Slides fit?

We’d highly recommend going a size up in your Yeezy Slides. 

For example, if you’re a size 6 - a size 7 would be the perfect fit for you. 

All Yeezy Slides, no matter the colourway. Onyx, Bone, Pure, Green Glow, Resin, Flax or Ochre - essentially is a must for you to size up.

Are Yeezy Slides comfortable?

Yes they are, the comfort of the Yeezy Slide is commonly compared to walking on clouds because of the EVA material.

Who makes Yeezy Slides?

The Yeezy Slide is a collaboration between adidas and Kanye West.

How much are yeezy slides?

 Prices range from $260 to $450 on the colour selected. If you’re looking to turn some heads, the eye-catching Green Glow colourway starts at an affordable price of $260. For a more subtle look, the Onyx, Bone, Pure, Flax, Ochre and Resin colourway is a perfect match to complement your everyday outfit.

Are there Yeezy's in Australia?

Yes there are Yeezy's in Australia, available in Men’s & Women’s sizing. The safest, most affordable way to purchase your pair is straight from a retail source or au.sell store to ensure authenticity.

How to wear Yeezy slides?

Socks or no socks, the Yeezy Slide can be worn with or without. They’re commonly styled with oversized clothing, loungewear or beachwear.

Can you wear Yeezy slides in the rain?

The short answer is yes, funnily enough the Yeezy Slide is waterproof which makes them wearable in these conditions.

Are Yeezy slides long lasting?

Yes, Yeezy Slides have proven to be long lasting. The same lightweight EVA material seen on the Yeezy Foam Runner constructs the Slides, providing durability for day-to-day wear.

History behind Yeezy Slides

The first release of the slides was the “Bone”, “Desert Sand” and “Resin” colourway. Till this day the “Desert Sand'' is still the only slide out of the three original colours to have not been restocked, making them the rarest pair of the EVA foam constructed slides on the market.

Since the original release in 2019, we’ve been lucky enough to have over 8 new colourways of the popular silhouette, including the “Onyx”, “Pure”, “Green Glow”, “Enflame Orange”, “Flax”, “Ochre”, “Soot”, and “Core” available for purchase.

Demand in Australia and across the globe is recurring. Every restock and new colourway to release sells out almost instantly, making it harder to purchase a pair of the limited Yeezy’s.

You might be wondering, why do so many people want this pair of slides?

The collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West is desired by many for a numerous number of reasons, starting from their comfort. One of the many great things about the Yeezy Slide is their lightweight material and durability designed for your day to day wear.

Another explanation as to why this collab gets such a large amount of attention is their limited quantities. When seen sporting Yeezy Slides, you know an extra amount of effort was put towards obtaining a pair. Whether you were lucky enough to get a pair from a retail source or from au.sell store, these two options are the most affordable ways to buy an authentic pair in Australia.

Where to wear Yeezy Slides?

Slide into a pair for a day in the city or down for a trip to the beach as they’re waterproof, unlike the Yeezy Foam Runner. Yeezy Slides can be rocked and styled for most occasions, with or without socks - it’s entirely a personal preference.

Available in Men’s and Women’s sizing, we’d highly recommend going an entire size up from your regular true to size as Yeezy Slides run small. Same as the Yeezy 350, if you’re usually a size 9 Men’s - we’d highly suggest purchasing a size 10 Men’s for a perfect fit into your pair of new Yeezy Slides.

Prices range depending on your size as well as the colour selected. Starting from as low as $260 being the stand out, “Green Glow” colourway to $450 in the highly sought after “Onyx” colour in larger sizes.

Cleaning suggestion

When the time is appropriate to clean your slides, we suggest applying a damp cloth to wipe down the soles. Afterwards, utilising a fresh cloth soaked in water to rub the soles and sides of the slide to remove the dirt.