Jordan 11 FAQ

Why is the Jordan 11 so popular?

The Nike Air Jordan 11 has gained popularity throughout the years because of the many memorable that  Jordan created whilst wearing the model. Breaking win records, introducing new technology and even starring in the Annie Award winning movie “Space Jam”. MJ himself said that his favourite pair of Jordans is the Jordan 11 “Concord”.

Is the Jordan 11 a limited edition?

The Air Jordan 11 is one of the more limited edition Jordans on the market particularly in the original colours, such as the Cherry, Cool Grey and Concord.

Will Jordan 11s come back in stock?

The availability of the Jordan 11 is dependent on the colour; for example, the Jordan 11 Cool Grey was first released in 2001, followed by 2010 and recently was brought back in 2021 with more than enough pairs for collectors to obtain the classic Jordans. If there is a particular pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 Lows, Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low or Jordan 11 High that you are searching for but are unable to find, au.sell store specialises in finding the desired sneakers you’re after at the most affordable prices in Australia.

Can I wear my Jordan 11 in the rain?

Wearing your Jordan 11s in the rain should be avoided at all costs. To have the best results in case you end up in this sticky situation, it’s highly suggested that you apply a sneaker protection spray to protect them should you get caught in the rain with your new Jordans on.

How do you fix creases on Jordan 11?

Inserting crease guards whilst you’re wearing the Nike Air Jordan 11 is the best way to prevent gaining creases.

When did the original Jordan 11 come out?

The first Nike Air Jordan 11s released in 1996.

Are Air Jordan 11 good for basketball?

The Nike Air Jordan 11 is one of the best retro models to play basketball in, whether it’s the AJ11 High or Low, their full-length zoom air unit provides more than enough comfort to ball.

How much are Jordan 11s?

Depending on the colour chosen, the Nike Air Jordan 11 can vary from prices as low as $300 all the way to over $1000.

Jordan 11 Sizing

Are Jordan 11s true to size?

Yes, the Jordan 11 does fit true to size.

Are Jordan 11s comfortable?

The Jordan 11 is known to be one of the most comfortable retro basketball sneakers from MJ’s collection with Nike. For casual wear, the AJ11 has more than enough comfort for everyday wear with an entire zoom air unit built into the soles.

Are Jordan 11s unisex?

Yes, the Jordan 11 model is available in unisex sizing. Pairs such as the Jordan 11 72-10 are only a Men’s release but the AJ11 Cool Grey is available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.

Four different ways to tie the Jordan 11

How to tie Jordan 11 laces?

1. Lacing to the second top hole - Wearing the Jordan 11 with the laces tied almost to the top of the sneaker is going to provide a very secure fit. The first thing we’re going to do is un-tie the laces until we reach the first two lace holes, then we’re going to consistently lace them up from the outside lace and thread the laces through the second hole up on the inside, continuing until we reach the second highest hole of the AJ11. Once we’ve laced them to the second final hole, we’re going to use our thumbs to pull the sides to loosen the laces, finishing this Jordan 11 lacing style with a bunny knot.

2. Loose lacing - If you’re wearing your Jordan 11s casually, this is the way to go. Continuing from the first lacing option, we’re going to un-tie the bunny knot and put the laces through the very last hole of the AJ11. Once done, you’re all good to go.

3. Fancy lacing - This look is for your formal occasions, such as wearing Jordans with a suit. Starting off,, we’re going to tighten the sneakers laces from the bottom up to the very  top. Once you have a secure fit, tie a bunny knot to complete the old school retro Jordan 11 look.

4. Factory Lacing - Referring to the title, this is to seamlessly have the same look and feel as your first wearing of new Jordan 11s. Begin by loosening the laces, one by one as well as using your thumbs to additional loosen them from the sides. Taking the laces down by one hole from the top, we’re going to lace them through the second highest hole with a factory lace knot.

Did you know Michael Jordan's favourite Air Jordan is the AJ11?

Debuting the release of the Jordan 11 sneakers with the "Concord" colourway in 1995-Jordan wore this most desired Air Jordan 11 playing for Chicago in the semi final and was fined $5000 for every wear, but Nike covered the costs.

After the "Concord" was released, the Jordan 11 "Bred", which was seen previously on the Air Jordan 4, known as the "Black Red", followed by the "Columbia" AJ11 in 1996. The Jordan 11 IE Low arrived after these three OG colourway mid-top Nike Air Jordan 11s in "Black Red" and "Cobalt" At a late date the range was expanded with the Jordan 11 CMFT Low.

In December of the year 2000, the Jordan 11 Concord returned alongside the AJ11 Columbia, Jordan 11 Grey as well as the historical Jordan 11 Space Jam which was the first released several years after the premiere of the legendary Warner Bros movie. The sneaker was created with a black upper and Jordans Jumpman logo set off in blue with a white midsole and clear outsoles. The Nike Air Jordan 11 Space Jam's reintroduction in 2009 gave fans the opportunity to get the Air Jordan 11, and in 2016 it was further evolved with a minor change to the number on the back of the heel, switching MJ's famous number 23 to Michael Jordan's first sports jersey number 45. The Space Jam colourway was such a sought after colour, it lead Jordan brand to decide to release the same look on the Air Jordan 1.

For the Jordan 11 Low, MJ and Nike moved away from the Jordan 11 Low IE release to have the same look and feel, to the Jordan 11 High, releasing with the same patent leather features in similar height to the Air Jordan 3. The first colourways to come out in the Air Jordan 11 Low were the Jordan 11 Cherry, Jordan 11 UNC and the Women's exclusive Jordan 11 Citrus in 2001. In 2014, original colourways seen on the high-top were seen on the low-top with the iconic Concord hue.

The retro AJ 11 sneaker range has expanded in recent times, with releases in colourways such as the Jordan 11 72-10 Low, Jordan 11 Cherry, Jordan 11 Cool Grey being reintroduced and the new Jordan 11 Jubilee selling out in a matter of minutes. The popularity of the model has grown to a larger audience of sneakerheads and the Jordan brand has been treating the sneaker community to some great new flavourful options, with many more to come.