What is Nocta?

Specialising in pleasing his fanbase with his luxurious clothing, Champagne Papi’s style is embedded inside each and every piece. Phrases and references from the 5th time Grammy Award winner's music feature on particular items, including his album “Certified Lover Boy”.

Nocta is Aub’s second company with his first being the well-known owl emblem named ‘OVO’.

From FW20’s Sunset Puffer Jacket to the recently released SS23 Nike x NOCTA Souvenir Cactus T-Shirt White, every release offers a new look and feel which creates the anticipation behind each drop.

Drake's passion for basketball has been reflected in the line with items such as shooting sleeves, jerseys, leg tights and even a ball for hoopers.

Getting particular attention is the Nike Nocta Hoodies because of their simplicity and non-flashy branding that is well-known by clothing enthusiasts. 

In 2023, a preview to the SS23 drop was posted on social media by Drake to excite and to give his supporters a sneak peak of the new collection on the way. Gathering over a staggering 2 million likes, the Nike x Nocta Tech Fleece Cobalt Blue Tint’s distinct design became the most sought after option out of the black and green hued Nike Sportswear range. Branded components scatter across the front and back of the Nike Tech Fleece Crew, Tech Fleece Open Hem Pants and iconic Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie with NOCTAs emblem and Nikes Swoosh.

The collaborative partnership between Drizzy Drake and Nike continues not to disappoint.

Nocta FAQ

Is Nocta Drake's brand?

Yes, Nocta is a collaborative brand between Drake and Nike

When did Nocta originally release?

Nocta was originally released in 2020.

Where to buy Nocta?

If you're looking to purchase authentic Nocta clothing within Australia, au.sell store is your one-stop shop to purchase the latest releases with free domestic shipping.

How does Nocta clothing fit?

Nocta clothing fits true to size