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Jordan 1 FAQ

Why is the Jordan 1 so popular?

The Jordan 1 is so popular because of the history, hype and collaborations that have been created around the model.

Is the Jordan 1 a limited edition?

The Nike Air Jordan 1 sneaker in Australia is a limited edition. Especially in colourways such as the Air Jordan 1 Lost and Found, Air Jordan 1 Mocha and Nike Air Jordan 1 Black and White.

Are Jordan 1 unisex?

The Jordan 1 is unisex in low-top, mid-cut and high top.

How do I protect my Jordans 1?

Protecting your Jordan 1s from creasing can be prevented by inserting crease protectors.

Do Nike still make Jordan 1?

Yes Nike does still make the Jordan 1 sneakers. From 1985 to date, Jordan brand has come out with lots of exclusive colourways for the fans to sport the iconic silhouette.

Where to buy Air Jordan 1?

Purchasing your first pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s is a life changing experience, at au.sell store you’ve got access to an authenticity guarantee across a large range of limited edition colourways within Australia.

How much is Jordan 1?

The Nike Air Jordan 1 in Australia varies from prices as low as $240 up to as high as over $1000 based on the colourway, style and release of the highly desired silhouette.

How long do Jordan 1 last?

The age, model type, care and the amount of wear being put into the pair of Jordan 1’s you’re wearing, will determine how long your pair 1s will last.

How to lace Jordan 1?

There are so many ways to lace the Nike Air Jordan 1s, let’s go through a list of three different ways to wear yours:

1. Loose lacing - This way of lacing your J1s is the easiest to throw on, without having to re-lace your pair everytime you go to wear your pair of Jordan 1s. Simply pull the laces from both sides at the same time to widen the length of your laces to create a looser fit. Once you’ve done this, make sure the laces are only popping out of the hole very slightly to avoid tripping on the lace.

2. Regular lacing - Regular lacing is the most commonly worn way of wearing your Air Jordan 1. There’s not much to it, put your laces through the second lace hole from the top of the sneaker and tie a bow.

3. The Old School - Lacing your pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs all the way to the very top hole to give yourself a retro look and feel.


Are Jordan 1s true to size?

Whether it's the Jordan 1 Low, the Jordan 1 Mid or the Jordan 1 High, make sure to stick to your true to size in all Jordan 1s.

Are Jordan 1s comfortable?

Yes, the Nike Air Jordan 1 is a comfortable sneaker that can be worn everyday. Whether it’s the Low-cut, Mid-top or High, the Jordan 1 previously made for basketball provides a soft tongue and technology for street wear.

Do Jordan 1s fit like Nike Dunks?

The Nike Air Jordan 1 does fit like Dunks, both being true to size.

Do Air Force 1s and Jordan 1s fit the same?

The Nike Air Force 1 has a larger fit in comparison to the Air Jordan 1 by a half size, if not a full size. For the correct fit, we recommend going with your regular size in the AJ1 and a half / full size down in your AF1s.

The history of Air Jordan 1s

It’s crazy to say, the sneaker industry today would most definitely not be the same if it wasn’t for MJ and his sneakers.

From their initial release to over thirty-five years later, the iconic silhouette keeps its popularity, demand and value in almost every variation.

After the first released high tops, the low-top Jordan 1 was up next. Releasing in several colourways, including the “Neutral Grey” OG which dropped in 1985 it was re-released in 2021 with Men’s, Women’s and Grade School Sizing, expanding the range in further years to a wider audience.

Both the Jordan 1 High and Jordan 1 Low gathered all the attention Nike needed to continue to progress across the years, further expanding the range with a mid-cut Jordan 1 in the “Multicolor” colourway in the 2000s. 

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is one of today’s most worn silhouettes on the street, available in Men’s, Women’s, Grade School and even toddler sizing, giving families the opportunity to show off their popular sneakers together.

In the sneaker community the discussion between OG and classic sneakerheads as to what the best Jordan model is between the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4. At the end of the day, the decision is entirely up to the collector to decide. Keeping in mind, the AJ1 sneakers are designed in a Jordan 1 low cut, mid top and high cut.

One of the most highly sought after colourways in the Nike Air Jordan 1 is the “Lost and Found” colourway. Bringing back the looks of the OG “Chicago” with an aged aesthetic, old school receipt and box designed to look as if it’s been found after several years in storage.

The colourways today have seen all different sorts of styles, colours and even collaborations with artists such as Travis Scott, one of NBA’s best power forwards Zion Williamson and designer brand Dior pricing at over $10k AUD.

For a more subtle colourway the Jordan 1 High “Stage Haze” is a great option, as well as the Jordan 1 High OG “Lucky Green” and Jordan 1 Low “Bred Toe” all of which are available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing in Australia so you can match your partner’s sneakers.

No matter which pair of the Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers you choose,  the AJ1 is a part of Nike’s history with Jordan which makes them a must have for any sneaker-lovers collection.