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Air Jordan FAQ

Where to buy Jordans in Australia?

Even though Air Jordans can be purchased from sneaker retailers in Australia, making sure you're getting an authentic pair can be difficult.

Buying from a trusted store such as au.sell guarantees the authenticity of every sneaker purchase.

How can you tell if Jordans are real?

To ensure the Jordans you're purchasing are truly authentic, buying from reliable sources such as au.sell takes away the worry.

How can this be proved, you may be thinking, so here are our top 3 steps to authenticate Air Jordans.

1. Consistent stitching

Looking closely at the outer and internal stitching of your Jordan sneakers is crucial. What you're searching for is a consistent trail of straight stitches which continue en route across the sneakers design.

2. The smell

As funny as it may seem, the smell of Air Jordans is a key indicator of authenticity. Once your authentic Jordan collection grows, the more familiar it will become.

The scent of authentic Jordan sneakers won't be overpowering and will depend specifically on the silhouette.

3. The box

One of the most important things to authenticate your Air Jordans isn't actually the sneakers, it's the box.

Each pair of real Jordans will come with an individual SKU code that can be found both on the box and sneaker size tag.

Make sure that both codes line-up exactly the same and that the text is evenly spread out.

Every box comes with a YCM sticker inside to prevent mould, but it can also be used to confirm legitimacy.

If you feel two parallel lines in the middle of the sticker when you're rubbing over it, this is a great sign of authentic Jordans.

The history of Nike Air Jordan

What were the first Air Jordans to release?

The Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Banned" was the first sneaker to start it all for Nike and the Jordan brand.

Originally released in 1985, the "Banned" Jordan 1, also known as the "Bred" Jordan 1, was often worn by MJ with his Chicago Bulls uniform.

As the sneakers violated the predominantly white sneaker rule, the NBA decided to fine Jordan for every time he wore the sneakers on the court.

The team at Nike decided to cover the expenses for MJ so that he could promote the shoes; this was one of their greatest decisions to this day.

Which Air Jordans did Michael Jordan play in?

Michael Jordan wore the latest Air Jordans during his career, starting with the Jordan 1 and wearing up to the Jordan 18, promoting his sneaker line to his devoted fans on the basketball court.

What was the first Jordan collaboration?

The first collaboration Jordan was released in 2005 in partnership with UNDFTD on the Jordan 4 silhouette.


Do Jordans fit big?

No, all Nike Air Jordan models fit true to size.

Do Jordans fit the same as Air Force 1s?

To simplify the answer, no. It is essential to go down an entire size in Air Force 1s and to stick to your true size in Air Jordan sneakers.

Are Jordans unisex?

Yes, Jordans are available in Men's, Women's and Kids sizing.

Buy authentic Air Jordans from Australia's most trusted sneaker store.

The history of Air Jordans

If you haven't already purchased a pair of Air Jordans, you're missing out on more than just a fashion statement but a piece of history in both the sneaker and basketball world.

Let's get into the history of the iconic Jordan sneakers, starting with the Air Jordan 1.

In 1985, Jordan laced up his pair of Jordan 1 High Breds and took on the court with eyes of fans in the crowd looking with envy at the new Air Jordan sneakers. The first release of the Jordan 1 High was when Nike realised that they had just made one of the best decisions of all time to work with MJ, still to this day because of his talents and audience. As time went on, more colours were brought out, such as the classic Jordan 1 Chicago, Jordan 1 Royal and Jordan 1 Neutral Grey to put variety on the table.

The Jordan 1 Low released alongside the Highs in matching hues but the low-tops weren't always a fan favourite, until recent times.

Today, the Jordan 1 Low is one of the most worn sneakers by men, women and even children due to Jordan brands updated family size run.

The J1 Lows come in an original cut such as the Jordan 1 Low Black Toe as well as a modern shape like the Jordan 1 Low Wolf Grey.

The Jordan 1 Mid arrived 15 years later with less ankle restriction and ware more affordable in comparison to the Jordan 1 High. With sizes available for him and her, the Air Jordan 1 Mid has become one of today's most sought after J1 models available.

Often featuring a predominantly leather base, Jordan 1 Mids such as the Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke Grey and classic Jordan 1 Mid Linen tend to be favoured because of their durability.

Going up the charts, the Jordan 2 was the next release in line for MJ and Nike. The first colour of the AJII pays homage to the Bulls in white, black and red, titled the "Chicago". The removal of the Swoosh started and continued throughout the Jordan line, making the Jordan 1 stand out from the rest.

Tinker Hatfield came onto the scene to release the Air Jordan 3 and has forever claimed his place in the sneaker scene. The original Jordan 3 "White Cement" came out in 1988 and was re-released in 2022 in retro form, titled the Jordan 3 "Reimagined". The AJ3 White Cement Reimagined features an aged midsole, an OG Jordan card with details on the sneakers construction and a pre-scuffed box to achieve an old school aesthetic.

Debatably the most popular Jordan silhouette today is the Jordan 4. The chunky, classic and unique design has fans of the sneakers lining up for multiple hours outside sneaker retailers in Australia to acquire a pair, before selling out as they always do.

Whether it's the history behind the mid-top or the collaborations which have been released such as the Off-White Jordan 4 and Travis Scott Jordan 4, the demand for Jordan 4s isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

If you're looking for simplicity, the Jordan 4 Military Black is screaming your name with their predominantly white base, black hints and grey shades which are available in unisex sizing.

You may have noticed the notorious laceless Jordans whilst watching The French Prince of Bel-Air, these are the retro Jordan 5s but there's a lot more to the TV series appearance to the J5 model.

To start things off, Michael Jordan hit a staggering ninety-three, '3 pointers' in the NBA in his 1989-1990s season with the Chicago Bulls. The inspiration for the design of the Nike Air Jordan 5 comes from MJ's passion for fighter jets, specifically the US made P-51 Mustang while was utilised during World War II.

Just as important, the Jordan 6 made their debut in 1991 with the "Black Infrared", "White Infrared", "Sport Blue", "Carmine" and "Maroon". This classic model plays a special place in the heart of Jordan collectors because of their historical meaning.

Taking a leap in time, the debut of patent leather designs first appeared across the midsection of the Jordan 11 "Concord" in 1995. The J11 instantly became Michael Jordan's favourite sneakers from the line because of their slick looks and performance on the court.

The Jordan 11 Low IE dropped one year later along with the "Columbia" Jordan 11 high-tops in a "Bred" and "Cobalt" colourway.

The expansion of the variety of colours such as the new Jordan 11 "Bred", Jordan 11 "Cherry" and Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" became particularly desired by sneaker-heads because of their retro aesthetic.

In 1996, the Jordan 11 which was worn by Jordan in his Warner Bros film "Space Jam" caught the eye of MJ lovers and when the Jordan 11 Space Jam eventually released in 2000, fans went crazy for them.

The original Space Jam Jordan 11s worn by Michael Jordan during the making of the film ended up selling in an auction for a staggering price of $176,400.

The hype for Jordans sneakers isn't going anywhere anytime soon so lace up a pair of authentic Air Jordans from Australia's most trusted sneaker store, au.sell.