Having been around since the early 80s, Nike Dunks first gained popularity in Australia in the early 2000s. They were initially popular among skateboarders and basketball players. However, attention quickly spread to the general public and has been embraced by the streetwear and fashion scene. 

Nike Dunks are a must-have silhouette if you want to stay on trend nowadays, but you may be wondering what lead to this sudden spike in growth.

With collaborations, limited edition releases as well as influencers promoting the newest Dunks, the sneaker boom continues to grow. Another huge part was played by celebrities and artists such as Travis Scott with his collab on the Nike SB.

The Different Types of Nike Dunks

The design offers a variety in different styles and silhouettes including the Dunk High, Dunk Mid and everybody's favourite Dunk Low. The Nike Dunk High is a high-top sneaker which is designed to support your ankle, originally for basketball. The Dunk Mid’s mid-top provides flexibility as well as ankle cushioning. Other sorts of Nike Dunks include the Dunk Pro, which is a skateboard-specific-shoe, a part of the Dunk SB line.

The most popular Nike Dunks in Australia

The Nike Dunk Low "White Black Panda", commonly known as the "Panda" colourway takes the crown for the most popular pair. Available for Men, Women and youth, the model's rubber sole, leather uppers and foam midsole make this the perfect everyday sneaker for everyone.

What was the first Nike Dunk colourway?

Introduced in 1985 as the College Color High, however, until Nike’s realisation of the model's scheduled release date coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first slam dunk, lead Nike to rename the sneaker as the ‘Dunk’. 

The announcement of the Dunk's release came out with the news of the "Be True To Your School" campaign, which gave college ball teams the opportunity to match their shoes with their uniforms' colours. Seven hues of High Top Dunks feature in a now famous poster which positions the Dunks next to corresponding tracksuits for UNLV, Michigan State, St. John’s, Georgetown, IOWA, Kentucky and Syracuse.

July 26, 2023