The Adidas Sambas became one of the most popular women's sneakers of the year after being spotted on the likes of street style icons Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber. Following the selling out Adidas Samba women's, popularity has continuously grown with styles such as the Adidas Samba Black and Adidas Samba White being especially sought after hues.

Adidas collaborations with designers and brands have resulted in popular Samba styles that are highly sought after. These collaborations include Wales Bonner Sambas and Sporty & Rich Sambas, both collaborations paving the way for the Sambas continued popularity. 

The Adidas Sambas have grown in popularity due to their classic and timeless design that combines a sleek leather upper and the iconic three stripes which result in a versatile shoe that matches any occasion. 

The Adidas Samba fits perfectly with the cyclical trends of fashion, with retro and vintage fashion trends making a comeback in recent years.

With the Adidas Samba becoming one of the most strongly trending sneakers across the world, our blog is here to help you style and show you the top 5 ways to style the Samba.

  1. Casual Smart 

The Adidas Samba can be dressed up for a casual smart aesthetic. A white T-Shirt and blazer can be combined to create an outfit that is both dressed up whilst maintaining a relaxed vibe.

  1. Old School

The nature of the Adidas Sambas vintage look blends perfectly with old school washed denim, paired with a retro t-shirt and high white socks as the sneakers were originally released in the 1950s.

  1. Sporty

The Samba was originally released as a football shoe so it only makes sense that they suit a sportswear aesthetic. Any soccer jersey goes with the Adidas Samba OG Cloud White Core Black by its simple design with joggers in black or grey to match the sneakers hue.

  1. Streetwear

Sambas align well with streetwear outfits which incorporate elements of urban fashion, hip hop and skate culture. You can achieve the style by combining your Sambas with oversized hoodies, graphic tees and cargo pants to pull off a trendy outfit. 

  1. Minimalist 

The simple and clean design of the Sambas make them perfect for subtle minimalist fashion. They can be paired with neutral colours and simple silhouettes to create a sleek and understated look.

July 26, 2023